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Username and password are supplied by the bank.
If you are experiencing problems logging in please call +40 21 308 54 60, between 08:00-20:00, from Monday to Friday.

Please be aware that Bancpost will never send e-mails or SMS messages asking customers to access URL addresses or links in order to connect to Fastbanking or to disclose personal information such as usernames, passwords, Digipass serials or Digipass PIN code, credit card PIN, number or expiration date.
Access to Fastbanking is granted through the secure URL which is monitored and validated by Verisign. Please verify the presence and authenticity of the Verisgn logo in the Fastbanking login page. By clicking on the Versign security seal, the Verisign Trust Seal window will appear, containg information such as site name, ownership, security status. The login page authenticity may also be validated by the presence of the lock icon in the web browser.

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